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Margie Engle on UltrOZ


We just wanted to let you know how the Ultroz units we have are working for us. We use them on anything that looks to be a potential problem whether it be joint,  ligament or muscle. The horses tolerate them well. The grooms love using them as they are easy to apply and they don't require a lot of attention. Thanks for supplying us with these great units.

Margie and Dr. Steve Engle

Professional Rider Maggie Jayne on UltrOZ and Thomas Edison


I started using UltrOz on my 14 year old grand prix horse, Thomas Edison, the beginning of this summer to help him with his splits. Throughout the summer, he has gotten sounder and healthier. He was clean in 6 prixes this summer and got a ribbon in every Grand Prix, never having more than 4 faults.  Thank you UltrOZ for helping my Thomas Edison feel his best this summer! Eddie loves his 4 hour treatments every afternoon.

-Professional Rider Maggie Jayne


UltrOZ Stories from the Field


Split Rock has now been using 4 UltrOZ therapeutic ultrasounds for about 4 months now. I honestly can't think of a product that has made such a profound effect on healing certain issues.  I recently put the UltrOZ on a few severe injuries to see just how effective it was. First, I put it on one of my clients horse's that tore his collateral ligament away from the Coffin joint. Beginning March 1st he was in a cast for 45 days. The day we took the cast off we started putting the UltrOZ just above his hoof for 8 hours a day in two sessions of 4 hours each. By the middle of June "Artie" was already 100% sound and in full work. Normally this severe of an injury could take 1 year to heal…. Unbelievable! Another horse had a large laceration on his left hind fetlock. It healed, but quickly developed scar tissue and remained swollen continuously. After placing the UltrOZ unit on him for 4 hours a day, the inflammation completed disappeared! All in all, this is a must have product that continues to impress even my skeptical mind!

-Derek Braun, Pro Rider, Split Rock Farm


Recent UltrOZ Experiences from the Mclain Ward Team


A recent example with the UltrOZ Elite was on a horse who had the bad habit of constantly kicking in his stall.  This would often lead to swelling in the lower legs, we knew it was bothering him, and there was always the concern of more serious injury.  We always travel with a number of UltrOZ units on hand for quick treatment of a variety of common conditions and decided to use the system on both hocks while resting in the stall.  Not only was he comfortable with UltrOZ on him, he seemed to enjoy it and his kicking habit noticeably decreased.  The physical swelling decreased after each treatment as we expected, but the reduction in kicking alone was worth it!


Carrie Stanton

Barn Manager, McLain Ward Team


Pro Rider Daniel Zetterman Weighs in on UltrOZ


My name is Daniel Zetterman and I'm a 27 year old Swedish showjumping rider who competes primarily in Europe and Wellington.  We always keep multiple UltrOZ systems on hand, particularly when preparing for competition such as the Nation’s cup in Lummen (BEL).  We look forward to a successful competition and hopefully being selected to jump in the premier of the Super League in La Baule (FRA) with my best horse Glory Days (shown in the picture).

I went to Wellington this season and competed throughout the circuit. I came into contact with UltrOZ through one of our more progressive veterinarians.  We tried it and it's a fantastic little machine that has really helped my horses with injuries and daily maintenance.  The key factor for us is getting our horses back to peak physical condition so they perform well every day. UltrOZ helps us prep the horses before competition and then treat their strains, bruises, or swelling afterwards.  I'm very happy to be on the UltrOZ sponsored team and look forward to a great year!


Daniel Zetterman,

Pro Rider, European and US circuits


Rider Derek Braun Comments on Experiences in Ocala


Lacarolus is pictured above wearing his UltrOZ saddle pad before the 1.40m class in Ocala in preparation for the 100,000 grand prix of Ocala.

I was thinking the other day, just before the $100,000 grand prix of ocala, about how crucial every piece of the "overall puzzle/formula" is. I reflected on how many little things I do in order to prepare for such a big event. To name a few, strategically jump the horse in a manner that prepares him for competition, have the vet do a once over to make sure he (the horse) is in top form, accupuncture, ice boots, magnetic therapies, and the list goes on and on... My point in realizing how much we do to prepare is that the day before the big grand prix I found myself NEEDING to use an UltrOZ elite. Lacarolus came out of the 1.40m prep class really well but when he got back to the barn I noticed the old outside splint and windpuff were both a little bit inflamed. I immediately asked Victor (my groom who I couldn't live without) to take then next 8 hours to put the UltrOZ on each area for 4 hours respectively. The next morning (the morning of the GP) there was no sign inflammation. At that moment I realized I had a new product to add to my "formula" that I couldn't live without.

Derek Braun
Split Rock Farm, Inc.


UltrOZ Making the Rounds at Wellington


As we all know, there's never a dull day with the Wellington circuit in full swing! Riders and grooms alike are finding the UltrOZ system useful not only for the major injuries we hope we never have to deal with, but also for the daily maintenance issues seen by horses in every-day competition. UltrOZ is being used daily on stiff joints, minor suspensory issues, splints, inflammation, wind puffs, strains, and general soreness.

According to the riders, the advantage of the system is the ability to directly treat certain areas with a powerful therapy, rather than trying to treat everything at once and hoping for the best. UltrOZ is simple, yet powerful enough to be added to the regular maintenance routine on a daily basis.

Check out some of the videos below from Carrie Stanton, head groom for McLain Ward, and Derek Braun, Professional Rider & Trainer:


All the best in all your competitions,
The UltrOZ Team


Holiday Healing Warms the Heart!


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with lots of family and lack of injuries! I was excited to get a call from one of our fans over the Holidays ecstatic over the progress her horse OJ had made with his suspensory injury. To quote her briefly:

"My 7-yr-old Arabian endurance gelding, OJ, was diagnosed with a tear at the origin of his left hind suspensory ligament. My vet recommended stall rest and a run for 2 months. When I asked about using the UltrOZ, he wasn't initially hopeful, but I thought “nothing to lose.” Two months pass and OJ is sound! Not just improved but sound. Gorgeous, big extended trot! The only change in his treatment protocol was use of the Ultroz. Really the change is miraculous."

Definitely one of the highlights of my holiday season! For all those gearing up for a new year of competitions, I hope your equine athletes never need any sort of therapy. But if they do, give our system a try. It's easy and you can pick one up from us or from your local Farmvet Trailer.

Also we finally got with the program and got our Facebook page up. Come visit us at and click the 'Like' button if you're a fan!

Good luck to all in the New Year!

Bryant Guffey, CEO ZetrOZ LLC


Great showing at AAEP and USHJA!


On the road the UltrOZ goes...
First stop, AAEP! In mid November the UltrOZ team along with hundreds of other vendors came together in San Antonio, Texas for the annual Association of Equine Practioners conference. Lots of exciting new equine equipment and products... but I have to be biased and say UltrOZ Elite drew a lot of attention because of how easy it is really is to use and the fantastic positive results from current users!! People continue to be amazed by how much therapeutic benefit can come out of such a little system.

A special congratulations to Tracy Hewlett at Holly Hill Farm for winning a free UltrOZ Elite System during our annual raffle!!!

Next stop, the USHJA Convention! In December doctors and professionals met to hear presenations and see new products at the US Hunter Jumper Association annual convention in New Orleans. A special THANK YOU to Dr. Holly Schmitt for a spectacular lecture explaining the differences between laser use, shockwave and ultrasound therapy....The eyes of the convention attendants were wide open on how positive the use of ultrasound therapy really is. Every one of my systems was purchased that week to help to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and increase healing for a number of conditions. What a great few weeks for UltrOZ!


And so my journey begins


And so my journey begins as the new UltrOZ Elite Therapy System sales representative. My first month using the low intensive therapeutic ultrasound has been a rewarding experience .....I started by trying the UltrOZ out on my own aching leg muscle from yoga....and wow after just 1 treatment I could feel the healing begin...after the 2nd treatment my aching leg muscle was almost as good as  new and back on my yoga mat I went!! 

Now to the barn I go..... What four legged horsey friend will be my first personal trial.... I chose a jumper that has arthritis especially in her front ankles....the first few trot steps in her daily workouts are quite painful...I apply the UltrOZ to the ankle and leave on for 3 hours and then I take her for a ride... Is this really happening!? 1 treatment and already feeling a little better.... I continue to treat her everyday for a week. After 5 treatments she was much improved in the stiffness of the trot right out of the stall!! I now have one happy horse!!

I can't wait to share with everyone more for some more UltrOZ ultrasound therapy on my horsey friends .....

~Carly Kaber

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