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""I have been using the UltrOZ unit for my horse after he had torn a ligament over a year and a half ago. After several different treatments my veterinarian worried if he would ever come back fully. After using the UltrOZ for a month I had him back to full work. I discontinued use as I had borrowed the unit and slowly after a month he was getting really sore and I worried if he was injured again so I purchased the machine, two weeks later he was feeling great! We entered our first rodeo and placed third against some tough competition. Every rodeo since we had been in the top 15 which is great for his 1st seasoning year. Two weeks before the "Cowboy Christmas" run with several days of rodeos in a row including some two a days, my horse destroyed his UltrOZ! I panicked not only because I broke the unit but because I truly felt it was the only reason my horse was sound. This company was fantastic to work with! I had purchased the extended warranty when I bought the UltrOZ for damages etc but had no idea how easy it would be to report a claim. They not only worked with me on the missing parts but offered to rush shipment so I would have a new working unit before I started my Fourth of July rodeo travels. Everything I needed they offered to help anyway that they could, above and beyond doesn't describe how great they were to work with! Not only is the UltrOZ a miracle to my horse, but the ZetrOZ company is pretty awesome too!""

Sarah Jungman Professional Barrel Racer & Team Roper

"Brook Hill Farm would like to thank UltrOz and the AAEP for giving us an UltrOz unit! As a fully accredited Global Federation Animal Sanctuary, Brook Hill primarily works with unwanted lame sport horses. The UltrOz unit has been a wonderful gift to all of our rescue horses aiding in their recovery. We cannot say enough good things about this therapeutic tool!"

Jo Anne Miller Executive Director, Brook Hill Farm

"Therapeutic Ultrasound is one of the most respected and certainly the most researched forms of therapy in the field of medicine. The UltrOZ is an incredibly versatile tool that allows this type of rehabilitation and performance therapy to safely be in the hands of anyone"

Janus Marquis Equine Physiotherapist, U.S. Show Jumping Team

"We saw beneficial results, and we believe this tool has a viable future in the physical therapy world"

Dr. Grant Miller DVM, Horse Journal

"The horse was 40% improved at 7 days, 100% sound at 2 weeks.  The splint reduced in size 50% by week 3. The speed of return to soundness and the rapid reduction in the size of the splint were the atypical components of the outcome compared to the normal case. The horse has remained sound and back into work 6 weeks later."

Dr. Chris Newton, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital

"It is my veterinary medical opinion that UltrOZ therapeutic ultrasound is responsible for the majority of increased fracture healing noted in the past 30 days.  This particular system is ideal because it is very user-friendly, which allows the barn manager or trainer to apply the therapy daily without a licensed therapist or veterinarian involved."

Dr. Holly Schmitt DVM, Hagyard

"We found UltrOZ to be effective against chronic pain in horses. It is easy to apply and small enough that horses are not bothered by its presence."

Mimi Porter Equine Therapist

"UltrOZ has the potential to significantly help animals suffering from pain and reduce the need for invasive therapies."

Dr. Andrea Looney Cornell Veterinary Hospital

"I can honestly say that I've seen some very positive results.  UltrOZ has cut days off the healing process for strains and bruises and has helped me maintain my horse athletes."

Coach Dave Eldredge Cornell Male and Female Polo coach

"We used it every morning at the show before she was ridden and everyday she came out of her stall even looser up front than the day before. I would say that the right fetlock is probably half the size it was before we started using the unit. We also used it on the big grey horse for his splint and within 1 treatment the golfball sized splint was almost completely gone."

Kriston and Sam Kosinksi Sunset Ridge Farm

"We have used the UltrOZ machine for about two months and have seen marked improvement in our horses. In a program like ours, with many horses in training, it is important for therapy and maintenance to be time and cost efficient. The UltrOz machine fits this requirement and gives us results!"

Colleen and Tim McQuay McQuay Stables

"The filly never exhibited any soreness in the suspensory ligament, which is unusual with splints this size. The splint was reduced in size by 30% over the 4 week period of use. The reduction of splint size during an increase in exercise activity was atypical and positively correlated with the use of the UltrOZ therapeutic unit."

Dianne Volze Equine Therapist