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UltrOZ Team of Sponsored Riders

We endeavor to support a team of the finest riders to represent the UltrOZ product line at major sporting events. We believe that top and consistent performance is the greatest indicator of how effective UltrOZ can be in your rehabilitation and maintenance routines.

UltrOZ sponsored riders are not paid to use the product line. Instead, a rider must try UltrOZ and see the benefits first hand before receiving support. Every member of the UltrOZ sponsored rider’s team uses UltrOZ because they know it makes their athletes perform better. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

"ZetrOZ is excited to see the continued success of each of our riders and proud to be a part of the tremendous opportunity and responsibility in caring for these world class equine athletes. UltrOZ is the only wearable ultrasound therapy system on the market designed specifically for the equine athletes. We built it to be safe, easy, and effective so that athletes could finally get this therapy on a daily basis. Now riders are reaping the benefits of consistent daily maintenance routines and healthier equine athletes. We’re doing our part to make these athletes jump at top performance and we love doing it!"
~ Bryant Guffey, CEO of ZetrOZ, LLC